Frequently Asked Questions

You should create a Category for each class, club, internship or other events needing mutliple reminders. You then add reminders for quizes, projects, mid-terms, finals, club events, etc. You may want to limit reminders for bigger projects/events to appear on the monthly calendar.

The business service is intended for businesses where employees need to send reminders to other users. Categories are shared by all employees using the service. The need to send reminders to other people could also apply to family members or groups of students. Contact RemindMe2Do sales to upgrade to a business account.

A big reason is Privacy. As an "App" you would need to allow us geolocation information and access to your photos and other data. We are not interested! Most important is that regardless of device, your Reminders will be automatically displayed when you open your browser. Make RM2DO.COM you default home page and no log-in needed. If you decide to sign out, you simply need to sign-in to see your reminders.

Yes, our system checks once a day in the morning for any new messages. Those who have new messages for that day get sent a text notification. You will need to select the MyReminder link to manage your account and add your cell phone number and carrier. Make sure to check the box next to SMS notifications. This service is not provided on business accounts.

When an account is setup as a RemindMe2Do Business, a group number is provided to all employees that needs to be entered when each person signs up. If you are currently a user and choose to upgrade, you can input the group number through our MyRemindme tool.

Let's say you have a category called "Pay My Bills" and you want to add a reminder 5 days before a bill is due. And this a monthly bill, like utilities, which is due on the 25th of each month. When you set up a reminder for the 20th, you can select the number of months where you want the reminder to show. If you select 12, then the reminder will show up on the 20th of each of the next 12 months.